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The Ghost Unit’s Alumni Association was established in July 2023 as a non-profit organization by veteran, Aviv Hazan. The Foundation serves as a cohesive platform, establishing a sense of community, along with support for veterans of the unit, who in its early stages may have been recruited from various other elite units of the IDF

Our Vision

A Warm Family Environment For All Veteran’s, Combat Operatives, Support Soldiers And Commanders. The Foundation Will Promote A Supportive And Inclusive Community Spirit That Acknowledges Their Unique Military Experience And Cultivates The Inherent Human Capital, Ethics And Values Of Our Veterans And The Unit. In Turn We Encourage Initiative, Collaboration, And Leadership To Effect Meaningful Action, Both For The Benefit Of Veterans, The Unit And Society As A  Whole

about us

The Multi-dimensional Unit, "Ghost Unit", Is A Special Forces Combat Unit In The Idf, Operating Under The Ground Forces Command. The Unit Was Established In 2019 As An Initiative Of Then Chief Of Staff, Aviv Kochavi. The Unit Is Unique With The Aim Of Developing New Capabilities To Prepare The Idf For The New Battlefields And  Future Of Modern Warfare. It Is Acts As A Proving Ground For New Approaches In The Field,  Which Can Then Be Widely Adopted Across The Idf. Functioning As A Special Forces “commando” Unit, It Designed To Fight In All Combat Scenarios, On Any Given Terrain With The Ability To Adapt To Changing And Evolving Characteristics And Challenges. With Unique Multidimensional Capabilities, The “ghost” Unit Is Unmatched In Its Ability To Locate, Expose, Engage And Destroy The Enemy. The Unit Has Distinguished Itself In The Recent War In Gaza

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Medical and combat supply
Community volunteering

Foundation GOALS

The "Ghost" Unit Veterans Community

"The Veterans Community Will Host Networking Events, Offer Assistance To Veterans As They Find Their Way In Civilian Life, Facilitate Collaborative Learning, Aid For Students, Job Opportunities, And More

Honouring our fallen heroes

Supporting And Assisting The Families Of Our Fallen Heroes. Honouring Them And Their Legacy Through A Variety Of Initiatives And Programs. Remembering Those To Whom We Owe Our Very Presence Here In Israel

Personal Development

Mentoring Programs Both Locally And Abroad, Personal Development Workshops, And Entrepreneurship Courses

Support for the regular (national service) unit soldiers

Providing Help And Support To Those Currently Serving In The Unit. Seminars And Workshops For Those Leaving The Army And About To Return To Civilian Life. And End Of Service Ceremony. Additional Help For Lone Soldiers Serving In The Unit

Care & Support for veterans affected by PTSD and other mental health issues

We Are Here For All Our Heroes That Experienced Traumatic Events In The Battlefield- Treatment Is Provided By Top Mental Health Professionals In The Country

Ghosts" for Israeli society"

Volunteer Community Projects And Activities, Social Involvement And Assistance To The Wider Community, E.g., Renovating The Homes Of Holocaust Survivors, Encouraging Meaningful Service For At-risk Youth, Volunteering With Physically And Mentally Challenged Individuals

The Journey So far

The inaugural “Refaim Foundation” Conference

Veterans And Their Families Came Together To Commemorate Our Fallen Heroes, Honour Their Families And Recognise The Contribution Of Our Reservists. The Amazing Idan Reichel, Who Was A Close Friend Of Our Fallen Commander Colonel Roi Levi, Gave A Heartwarming Performance

Workshops To Help Process Combat Experiences

A Three-day Workshop At Kibbutz Hatzava In Arava, With Top Therapists And Psychologists Helping Combat Soldiers Process Their Time And Experiences On Active Duty In Gaza

Ghost Unit” Labelled Wine"

In Partnership With The Teperberg Winery, We Created A Bottle Of Wine Commemorating Our Fallen Heroes, Which Was Gifted To All Our Veterans.
Our Wine Is Available For Purchase. To Place Your Order Call 054‑5240558

Donations Of Special Combat And MedicalEquipment For The Unit Fighting In Gaza

Special Bbq For The Unit Coming Out Of Gaza For Much Needed Respite ​

In the Media


Skilled And Focused - Training For The Next Battle At 'rafa'im


Skilled And Focused - Training For The Next Battle At rafaem

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 11.40.23 (1)

Striking From Afar And Attacking Swiftly: The 'rafa'im' Unit That Is Changing The Rules Of The Game In The Idf


The Multi-dimensional Unit

לא משאירים מישהו מאחורה

This Is What The "Ghost" Unit Managed To Do In One Year


The Ghost People

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 11.40.22

Such A Unit Has Never Existed In The Idf Before

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 11.40.24 (1)

IDF 'ghost' Unit Uses New Tech To Fight Hamas In Gaza


Amidst The Tunnels: At The Heart Of The Battles With The Multi-dimensional Unit


To The Drone Squads That Eliminated 100 Terrorists: Special Footage With The 'rafa'im' Unit, Including The Last Recording Of The Fallen Commander

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 11.40.24

This is what the drone activity that eliminated terrorists in the Gaza Strip looked like


The IDF eliminated Hamas terrorists using a drone


The unit that exposes, attacks and destroys in the heart of the battlefield


The IDF seized suitcases with millions of shekels in hamas vip person

In Memoriam

We Grieve The Loss Of Our Fallen Comrades Who Fell In

Intense Battles In The

Kibbutzim Of The Gaza Envelope On October 7th

Colonel Roi Yosef Levy RIP

Commander of the Ghost Unit

Captain Yotam Ben Bassat RIP

Commander of the Company in Training

Lieutenant Yonatan Goutin RIP

ICT Officer

Staff sergeant Itay Nachmias RIP

Special Combat Operator

We salute them and will remember them. May their memories be a blessing

We also grieve the loss of unit veterans who were

 brutally murdered at the Super Nova Music Festival 

.May their memories be a blessing

Bar Zohar RIP

Mapal Adam RIP

בוגרות היחידה אשר נלקחו בטרם עת בזמן שרקדו ושמחו במסיבה ברעים


management team

Aviv Hazan

Founder & Chairman

Itay Asulin

Board Member

Roy Saar

Board Member

Eitan Dodeles


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